Facebook is the New Way to Market…

You probably have heard that Facebook is the number two website on the internet, and this is most definitely true. Not only is FacebookFacebook ideal for connecting with friends, but it is also ideal to use it to market your business as well. I am going to tell you why Facebook is not only the ideal platform for marketing, but how you can use to win in your business.

Why Facebook is the Ideal Platform

To answer the question of why Facebook is the ideal platform, let’s take a look at what Facebook is for. Facebook is a social network, where people can connect with not only those that they don’t see often, but those that they maybe don’t get to talk to every day. This means that even family members can connect, and of course those cousins you only see at reunions, you can connect with them too.Facebook

Many have discovered that they are able to connect with their friends from college that they haven’t seen in many years, which makes it even better. The joy is endless when you are able to connect with those that you have missed dearly, and those you would love to talk to every day but can’t. So, if Facebook has a powerful effect in this way, why wouldn’t it work for business? It does, and you can use this for all the same reasons, BUT there are some things to think about.

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Why Facebook is the Ideal Platform for Business

Did you know that Facebook is also an ideal platform for business too? Facebook works, for a lot of the same reasons, and that is because Facebook is the social network made for business. Those who haven’t even done business with you can easily find you on Facebook, and they see what you are about before they ever buy from you. Most people want to find out more about who you are before they make a move, and research has shown that people prefer to do business with those that they believe that they can trust.

FacebookFacebook is just like Google, in that it truly is its own search engine, so people can search in Facebook for you, and what you are offering. Once they find you, they are latched on without question, and this is why Facebook is becoming so popular. Facebook is almost the first place people go before they go to Google, simply because they may not know your actual business name, and if they do know your name specifically, they can easily find you in Facebook.

Facebook Offers the Least Expensive Ads

If you are wondering what else you can get out of Facebook, then you should know that Facebook offers the least expensive ads. You run a basic free ad, just to say you are, but you can also do pay-per-click ads as well, and you can set it up according to your budget. These ads can be so super targeted, that many business are finding out that they are more beneficial than TV commercials!

Now, don’t you think Facebook is powerful?

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